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I’m Natalee, passionate storyteller of happily ever afters, baker of all things sweet, outdoor lover, & mom of three.

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My debut ~ A Heart’s Design!

It’s been eleven years since real estate mogul Jase Cutter ran from the ashes of his past, but the arrival of a single letter from an old family friend means returning to the place that broke him all those years ago. The idea of going home haunts Jase until he meets charming architect Madison Blakeley, whose designs and inspiration might just give him the strength to not only return but rebuild. Yet, one leaked story leaves both facing a firestorm of doubt, and Jase and Madison must decide whether to retreat or draft a new beginning—together.

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To the question, ‘when is your next book coming out?’ Or the one that goes, ‘are you still writing?’ And of course the, ‘how is your first book doing?’ Well? The honest answers are, “I’m not sure” “Um….” And, “Okay?” The better question should probably be, what happened with your writing? And THAT answer is…life.…

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Launch Party!

August 5th, 2019 will always hold a special place in this writer’s heart. An author has only one debut book, and the release of A HEART’S DESIGN was definitely exciting. (If not a bit scary…) But, if I’m going to be completely honest, August 13th–the night of my launch party–will always be the absolute highlight…

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Timeline: The Makings of a Sweet Romance

Writers get asked a lot of questions. Where do you get your ideas? How many stories have you written? How much do you make on your books? (Um, probably don’t ask that one, LOL.) Are you published? And so on… But the one I get asked the most is how long it took to write…

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