“You keep doing that.”

“Doing what?” He walked backward, taking her with him.

“Catching me off guard.”

At the edge of the dance floor, out of the way of the brighter lights, he drew her close. He must have sensed her uncertainty because he slowed their steps and leaned in.

“Dance with me, Madison.”

Her name whispered from his lips, the feel of his fingers wrapped around hers, sent a shiver straight through her, enough he must have felt it. “You’re making me nervous.”

“I don’t mean to.”

The sincerity in his eyes echoed his words, and she focused on him, letting everyone else around them fade into the background.

“But I do have a confession.” His hand slid to the middle of her back as if he was afraid she’d pull away. “You made me nervous the moment I walked into the restaurant and saw you standing there.”

The warmth on her cheeks had nothing to do with the dancing. “It’s—it’s the music. And all of the lights…”

He moved closer, his breath teasing the tender spot behind her ear as he gave a hesitant laugh. “It isn’t the music or lights that have been breaking into my thoughts since the gala.”