Another Storymakers in the Books!

If you are a writer, chances are you’ve attended a writing conference or two. These are conferences dedicated to helping a writer hone their craft as well as create opportunities to make connections with other writers, industry specialists, agents, editors, and so on. If you are a writer, chances are you also have a favorite conference, and for me it’s the Utah Storymakers Conference held each year in May.

Snapshots of my amazing conference weekend!!

This year I was asked to be on the conference committee as a Thursday Workshop Coordinator with the fantastic Crystal Liechty. Little did I know when I accepted this invitation how much work was ahead of us. Nor did I realize how amazing the experience would be! I’m afraid to add up the hours spent not only creating new workshops, but assigning over 250 attendees to groups and instructors. (It was…a LOT, haha.) We also had the fantastic opportunity to seek out some of the best authors to be instructors, and let me tell you how amazing they are for giving back and sharing their knowledge!

The day of the conference, despite the nerves and worry, the workshops were amazing and everything fell into place beautifully. (Five workshops, and over a two dozen instructors!) But more than feeling relief that our hard work paid off were the things I learned, the people I met, the connections I made, and the personal growth I experienced. Cannot wait for next year. (Only 360 days… 🙂 )

As for the rest of the conference, it was AH-MAY-ZING. Seriously. I walked away Saturday night inspired to tackle not only my current project, but began to believe in a secret project I started several years ago. (A secret I hope to share in the next year! Yes, I’m a brat, I know.) *Thank you Jeff Wheeler for the Worldbuilding 505 and Creativity classes. LOVED them!*

To all my writers friends I see only this one time of year, I miss you already!! Thank you for the late night chats, all the laughter, all the more laughter, and the encouragement. Until next year!

Signed, your exhausted but happy writer.

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